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Diversity Readings Related to First-Year Courses

Jurisdiction - Articles

Robert T. Anderson, Negotiating Jurisdiction: State Authority over Indian Country Granted by Public Law 280, 87 Wash. L. Rev. 915 (2012). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]

Stanton D. Krauss, New Evidence that Dred Scott was Wrong About Whether Free Blacks Could Count for the Purposes of Federal Diversity Jurisdiction, 37 Conn. L. Rev. 25 (2004). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]

Judith Resnik, Categorical Federalism: Jurisdiction, Gender and the Globe, 111 Yale L.J. 619 (2001). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]

---, Reconstructing Equality: Of Justice, Justicia, and the Gender of Jurisdiction, 14 Yale J. L. & Feminism 393 (2002). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]