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Gallagher Basics: Welcome to Law School!

Registering for and Using Legal Databases

So you know that Bloomberg, Lexis+, and Westlaw are legal research databases, but how do you use them? And more importantly, how do you register? Check out these videos to find out. Want more? We have an entire research guide dedicated to explaining the three systems. You can find it here:

How to Register for Legal Databases (Gallagher Basics series) (7:00)

Introduction to Legal Databases (Gallagher Basics series) (8:43)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding registering for legal databases. If you have additional questions not addressed here, please reach out to us at 

I can't seem to log into the restricted access page with my UW NetID and password, what do I do? 

We always recommend you try it again and on a different web browser. If that still does not work, open a tab on your web browser and go to the UW Libraries page and sign in to your library account. Being logged into your UW account will allow you to bypass the restrictions. 

Do I have to register for each legal database with my UW NetID?

Only Bloomberg Law Requires you to use your law school email when registering for their database. You may use a personal email when registering for Lexis and Westlaw. 

Can law students share the same registration codes?

Westlaw and Bloomberg Law give each student their own unique registration code, once it's used to create an account, the code will no longer be active. If a student needs registration information, have them contact the library. The library will be able to provide them with their own set of unique registration codes. 

Do these registration codes expire?

Yes, registration codes expire, which is why the library encourages students to register as soon as possible. However, if your code expires, the library is happy to issue a new one. Please contact us by emailing the library. 

Can I share my account information and/or my registration codes with friends, family members, or colleagues? 

No, you cannot share your account information and/or registration codes with anyone. Sharing your account information would be a violation of the terms and conditions agreements which is necessary to comply with when creating a legal database account. 

I am doing an externship/internship and I need to do legal research. Am I allowed to use these legal databases? 

Generally, these legal databases are limited to academic purposes and should not be used in any commercial context; we encourage you to read through each databases' restrictions policies.