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Gallagher Basics: Welcome to Law School!

Cases and Statutes and Regulations - Oh My!

If you have never seen a legal citation and worry that you won't know what is a case or a statute or a regulation, worry no more! This series of videos will break down each type of citation so you can confidently identify them at a glance.

Fundamentals of Legal Citation Part 1: Case Law (Gallagher Basics series) (4:17)

Fundamentals of Legal Citation Part 2: Statutes (Gallagher Basics series) (4:31)

Fundamentals of Legal Citation Part 3: Regulations (Gallagher Basics series) (4:08)

If you want to learn more about the Bluebook, which is the manual that outlines the primary system of citation used for legal document in the United States, please see our research guide: