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Gallagher Law Library Videos

Guide to instructional videos from the Gallagher Law Library.

The Big Legal Databases

Why So Many Online Systems?

Some law students wonder why we encourage them to learn to use more than one system. Why Lexis AND Westlaw AND Bloomberg Law AND HeinOnline?

This video addresses that question.


How to Register for Legal Databases (Gallagher Basics series) (7:00)

Introduction to Legal Databases (Gallagher Basics series) (8:43)

UW Libraries Resources

Retrieving Magazine Articles: Tips for Source Gathering

This video demonstrates how to find magazine and journal articles using the UW Libraries list of e-journals, starting with a known citation.


Books Without "Books": Tips for Source Gathering

How can you gather sources and confirm citations when the libraries are closed? This video shows how you can use ebooks through the library, Google Books and Amazon, and sources on Bloomberg Law, Lexis, Westlaw, and HeinOnline. (It was created for the COVID-19 situation, but all these techniques will still be useful when the libraries open up again.)


Keeping Track of Books in the Catalog. A handy feature of our library catalog lets you save records to refer to later. It's an easy way to create a reading list or a list of material for a research project. This video shows you how. (2:39)

Accessing the Law Exam Archive

Accessing the Law Exam Archive. This tutorial covers how to access and use the UW Law School Archives. It also covers common troubleshooting solutions.(4:06)