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Gallagher Law Library Videos

Guide to instructional videos from the Gallagher Law Library.


Finding Secondary Sources on Copyright Law

How can you find treatises, study aids, and practice guides about copyright law? This lesson shows you. (4:53)

Indian & Tribal Law

Tribal Court Caselaw

Finding tribal court decisions can be challenging. There is no comprehensive source. This video demonstrates several databases: Fastcase, Indian Law Reporter on HeinOnline, Lexis, Northwest Intertribal Court System, and Westlaw (complemented by West's American Tribal Law Reporter in the Caselaw Access Project). (14:50)


Westlaw for Tax Research: Make It Your Own

How can you keep track of the resources you use all the time? This video shows you how to make a Westlaw page your start page, how to save favorites, and how to create a custom page. (In the video, we use tax as an example, but you can do this with any subject!) (5:20)

Westlaw for Tax Research: The Code!

The Internal Revenue Code is central in all federal tax research. This video demonstrates using the I.R.C. in Westlaw. Did you know you can use either the United States Code Annotated edition or the edition from RIA's United States Tax Reporter? Each has its own editorial features. The video also shows how to use Westlaw's "compare versions" feature. (8:58)

Westlaw for Tax Research: KeyCite

Citators track what documents cite a given document. They help you determine the weight of authority by showing you if it's been affected by later developments--e.g., if a case has been overruled or a statute has been amended. They unlock the door to cases and secondary sources that cite your document. This video illustrates citator features by using Westlaw's KeyCite for tax documents. (9:01)