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Guide for Law Journal Students

What Is an Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Interlibrary loan refers to a system in which libraries borrow materials from other libraries for their users. Sometimes a source cited in an article will not be available in an electronic format online or in a physical format at the Gallagher Law Library, UW Libraries, or any other Summit libraries. In these instances, you should request an interlibrary loan.

For more information about obtaining an item via interlibrary loan, please visit the Interlibrary Loan webpage on the Gallagher Law Library's website.

How Do You Submit an ILL Request?

Before submitting an ILL request, please check with the editor overseeing the article to verify whether you are supposed to submit ILL requests yourself for items that appear in your assigned section of the article, or if the editor is in charge of submitting all of the ILL requests for the entire article. A source may be cited in various sections of the article handled by different members during the sourcing-and-citing process, but only one ILL request for that item should be submitted.

If you are responsible for requesting the item via interlibrary loan, please fill out the form on the Gallagher Law Library's website:

When submitting book requests, remember Bluebook Rule 15.4: "Always cite the latest edition of a work that supports the point under the discussion, unless an earlier edition would be particularly relevant or authoritative." Authors frequently cite older editions of books. To verify whether there is a newer edition of a book available than what the author has cited, you should look up the title on WorldCat first. For assistance on how to identify the latest edition of a book, please see the Books section in this guide.