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Guide for Law Journal Students

Editing Law Journals

Anne Enquist, Substantive Editing Versus Technical Editing: How Law Review Editors Do Their Job, 30 Stetson L. Rev. 451 (2000), HeinOnline

Jonathan I. Tietz, The Canons of Citechecking, 22 Green Bag 2d 43 (2018), SSRN (law review editor offers "canons of citechecking" that "might be useful to editors for rationalizing when to insist (or not) that an author's proposition be supported. The idea, of course, is to offer reasonable, meaningful suggestions to authors rather than to blindly perform mechanical busywork or to play 'gotcha!'")


How to Increase Citations to Your Paper

Bonnie J. Shucha, Representing Law Faculty Scholarly Impact: Strategies for Improving Citation Metrics Accuracy and Promoting Scholarly Visibility, Legal Reference Servs. Q. (pub. online Oct. 7, 2021), [draft available on SSRN], [Taylor & Francis site (full text not available at UW)]

[T]this article suggests strategies to improve the accuracy of citation metrics for legal scholars and promote the visibility of their scholarship. This practical advice will benefit anyone interested in representing the scholarly impact of law faculty to its fullest effect, including legal scholars, law school administrators, and communications departments.

Rob Willey & Melanie Knapp, Hein, U.S. News, and How to Increase Citations, 18 Ohio St. Tech. L.J. (forthcoming winter 2022), [draft available on SSRN]

The authors describe past citation studies and best practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The authors find that factors beyond article quality likely impact scholarly citations. Drawing from the lessons in the citation patterns, article characteristics, and SEO best practices, the authors offer techniques to increase the article citation counts of articles published in U.S. law journals.