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Researching Lawyers & Legal Employers


The page on "Finding Lawyers Who . . ." gives you tips about finding firms or public service groups with certain characteristics--practice area, geographic area, size, etc. The page offers tips about how to find out more about an organization you already know. Either you found it through searches or you've been told you'll be interviewing with them—or maybe a friend or mentor suggested you look them up.


Mine everything you can from the organization's website. Does it have profiles of staff? Does it list sample clients? Does it have links to news coverage? Does it have a blog?


Has the organization been in the news?

Check mainstream news (newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news, e.g., on Lexis, Westlaw, or Bloomberg Law). Also check business news and legal news.


Has the firm or organization been listed as counsel of record in cases? on dockets? Has the organization sued or been sued?