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Chinese Law A-Z

Chinese Law-Related Resources by Topic or Type (A-Z)

Finding and Citing

The link to the the Foreign Law page of Bluebook 101 provides additional resources for citation to Chinese materials in addition to the Bluebook.

Searching for Chinese Resources

In the Library Catalog: Records for Chinese books and journals may be searched by subject terms in English (e.g. Environmental Law-China) or by Chinese author, title or series information. Most Chinese cataloging records in the Library's catalog include original Chinese scripts, and it is possible to search the catalog using Chinese characters. However, when searching for a Chinese author, title or series, best results will be obtained by searching in romanized Chinese, that is, Chinese words transliterated into the English alphabet. As there are many ways to romanize Chinese, it is necessary to understand the particular method used in American library catalogs. The standard used in library catalogs in North America is the Pinyin system (as modified by the U.S. Library of Congress).  This modification means, primarily, that Chinese is romanized character by character or syllable by syllable  except for personal or place names where syllables are combined.  Examples: 民事诉讼法 Min shi su song fa, 北京大学法学百科全书 Beijing da xue fa xue bai ke quan shu, 陈安明 Chen Anming, etc.

Link to East Asian Library romanization guide:

LoC PinYin Conversion Project – 1998:

Comparative romanization tables are found in many Chinese dictionaries, and some information may be found on websites such as those below.