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Drafting Contracts: Formbooks & Drafting Resources

Find sample agreements, contracts, and forms in print and online sources

Commercial Online Sources

These sources include sample forms and contracts on a wide variety of subjects. Many of these sources are also available in print in the Law Library.


  Bloomberg Law Lexis Advance Westlaw
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Practical Guidance (includes forms)

Transactional Intelligence Center

Lexis Practical Guidance
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(formerly Practice Advisor)

Note: Bloomberg and Westlaw include some forms in
their "Practical" sections, but Lexis doesn't.

Practical Law (includes forms)

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Form Finder

Practical Law (includes forms)

documents that have been used in practice Transactional Intelligence Center: precedent search   EDGAR Precedent Agreements


Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law

Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance

You can find additional sources of forms by browsing Lexis Advance by category, then by forms.

Finding forms on Lexis Advance


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A Note About EDGAR

EDGAR is the SEC's database of filings from publicly traded companies. It's available free from the SEC, and is also available (with perhaps easier interfaces) on commercial systems.

Bloomberg Law (in Transactional Precedent Database) and Westlaw (in Sample Agreements) both draw from EDGAR filings—specifically contracts filed as Exhibit 10, Material Contracts. This gives researchers access to a variety of real-world contracts. The set of contracts found in EDGAR is very large, but it is limited:

  • Only publicly traded companies must file.
  • The companies only include material contracts.

From the SEC's EDGAR guide:

What types of “material contracts” must an issuer file as Exhibit 10 to a registration statement or periodic report?

Items 601(b)(10) of Regulation S-K and Regulation S-B describe what constitutes a material contract. Examples of material contracts include:

  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Bridge Loan Agreements
  • Cash Bonus Plans
  • Director Fee Agreements
  • Director Indemnification Plans
  • Employment Agreements
  • Executive Compensation Plans and Incentive Plans
  • Financial Services Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • License Agreements
  • Pension Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Stock Option Agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Termination Agreements


Searching EDGAR Material Contracts

Bloomberg Law

How to get to EDGAR search:

  • Browse All Content > Corporate & Transactional > EDGAR Search, or
  • Law School Success box > Upper Level Resources > Excel in Your Internship, Externship or Clinic box > EDGAR Search (under Transactional Resources)

In search template

  • Choose Exhibits Only.
  • Choose Ex. 10. Material contracts
  • Consider using Exhibit Title, but be aware that some filers do not provide titles.

Sample searches:

  • Exhibits Only, Ex. 10, Exhibit Title: "stock option", Keywords: vest!, Filing Date: last 12 months
  • Exhibits Only, Ex. 10, Exhibit Title: non-disclosure or nondisclosure, Company Location: washington
  • Exhibits Only, Ex. 10, Exhibit Title: non-competition or noncompetition or "not to compete", Keywords: incorporat! w/2 reference

Free website presents EDGAR material contracts and separate collection of clauses. It lacks the bells and whistles of the high-priced databases, but it's free!


Lexis Advance

How to get to EDGAR search: type edgar in search bar. Choose SEC EDGAR Filings, Combined.

Search tip: in template's Form box, enter exhibit 10.

Sample search:

  • form("exhibit 10") and (incorporat! w/3 reference) and (employee and manual) and date after 01/01/2015.



How to get to EDGAR search: type edgar in the search bar. Choose EDGAR Filings & Disclosures. (Note you could also go to EDGAR Precedent Agreements - Clause Search.)

In search template:

  • Choose Exhibit 10.
  • Select any options in other fields.

Sample search:

  • Exhibit 10, Industry: Manufacturing, Location of Headquarters: United States (Washington), "stock option" & incorporat! w/3 reference