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Health Law Research


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By far the most important index of medical journals (including related subjects) is PubMed, produced by the National Library of Medicine. The largest component of PubMed is MEDLINE. (If you care about the difference click here.) 

UW students: it's best to go in through the UW Health Sciences Library page: you'll get better links to articles. 

You can use PubMed's user guides to learn how to put together searches, but it's set up so that anyone can type in some keywords and get relevant results. For instance, searching for informed consent malpractice using the "Best Match" sort order turned up:

PubMed search results for informed consent malpractice

A sidebar links to "Similar Articles" -- so one search can lead to more.

TIP: Look for "Review Articles," articles where an author reviews the literature, citing many other people's studies.

Other Health Sciences Databases

For many more databases, see the Database page from UW's Health Sciences Library.