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Japanese Law A-Z

Japanese Law-Related Resources by Topic or Type (A-Z)

Court Decisions: Introduction

In general, court decisions are harder to locate than laws. English translations of court decisions are rare, but some are available (see below).

Cases are not indexed by party names, and often party names are removed from case reports because of privacy issues. Instead, court decisions are indexed by the court, the date, and also by the citation to the statute at issue in the case. Docket numbers (see below) are unique identifiers for cases in Japan's single national court system, which is administered by the Supreme Court. Keyword searching allows access by the full text of cases, and is available in all commercially available online Japanese legal information systems.

Typical Court Decision Information in Westlaw Japan
See yellow-highlighted "types" translated in the table below
Type Japanese Romanized English
Court Decision Information Details
Date 平成17年3月28日 Heisei 17-nen 3-gatsu 28-nichi 3/28/2005
Court Name 大阪地裁 Ōsaka Chisai Osaka District Court
Trial Type 判決 Hanketsu Court decision
Docket Number 平7(ワ)7992号 Hei7(wa) 7992-gō Hei7 (wa) no. 7992
Incident Name


Songai baishō seikyū jiken Claim for compensation of damages
Trial Result 一部認容、一部却下 Ichibu nin'yō, Ichibu kyakka One part affirmed, One part dismissed
Appeals, etc 上訴 Jōso Appealed
Westlaw # 2005WLJPCA03280002 NA NA