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Japanese Law A-Z

Japanese Law-Related Resources by Topic or Type (A-Z)

Laws: Introduction

Depending on the information you have about the law you are looking for, different tools may be used to find it. For example, do you have the Japanese title? Do you have the law number and date? Or do you only have an English translation of the title, or perhaps only an idea of what the law is about and when it passed?

With the name of the law and its number and date (for example: 平8.4.6法109民事訴訟法) = Law no. 109 of 1996 (Code of Civil Procedure), you can find the law in the the resources noted below. Many of these reso0urces list laws by both their Japanese title and by their law type, number and date. Major types of laws referred to by citations include:

Type of Law
In Japanese In English Citation Form
法律 (Hōritsu) Statute; Act of the Diet 法 (Hō)
規則 (Kisoku) Regulation; Rule 規 (Ki)
命令 (Meirei) Order 命 (Mei)
政令 (Seirei) Cabinet Order 政 (Sei)
条約 (Jōyaku) Treaty 条 (Jō)