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Presidential Power

Readings and resources concerning presidential power.

Assigned Reading (Class #8, Feb. 3)

For an overview of President Obama's deferred action programs for certain noncitizens, currently under threat of being revoked by President Trump, please read:

For a discussion of DACA/DAPA as an exercise of positive discretion, please read:

Please review:

Please read the following short articles providing analysis of some possible limits to the interior enforcement executive actions from various perspectives:

Assigned Reading (Class #9, Feb. 6)

For Monday's class (the second one on immigration), please read the following:

In addition, please look at least one of these examples of on-going civil rights litigation to stop implementation of executive orders: 

Finally, please read the White House Statement on litigation to stop implementation of Executive Orders and related coverage:

As optional reading, check out this dissent channel memo from State Department employees:

Additional Resources: News & Commentary

Additional Resources: Local Organizations

Immigrant Resources page from Washington Law Help.

Legal assistance organizations for immigrants in Washington State. For other states, check this directory.

Immigration advocacy groups (from library guide listing social justice organizations in Washington State).

Washington State Attorney General's Office

"If you, a family member, an employee, or an employer, are a Washington state resident, and have been affected by this Executive Order, please contact the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Unit at 206-442-4492."

From Attorney General's website, Jan. 31, 2017.

Additional Resources: Cases

Washington v. Trump

Ali v. Trump