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Presidential Power

Readings and resources concerning presidential power.

Assigned Reading (Class #15, March 3)

For our class on Friday, March 3rd, we will spend about 60 minutes discussing a few different news items.  Our discussion of these news items will hit on some overarching themes that we've explored this quarter. Please read:

Transgender Students:

IRS and Tax Returns:

Regulatory Reform:

Assigned Reading (Class #16, March 6)

For our last class, please read this New York Times article, which attempts to graph President Trump's actions over the short course of his presidency along two axes -- what is important/unimportant and what is normal/abnormal:

Quoctrung Bui et al., Just How Abnormal Is the Trump Presidency? Rating 20 Events, N.Y. Times, Feb. 27, 2017

Please also come prepared to answer the following three questions:

1. There are lots of misconceptions about presidential power floating around.  Now that you have taken this course, what is one thing you think you now understand about the scope and limits of presidential power that you didn't understand when the quarter began?
2. What are concrete ways in which you can, if you wish, engage with our governmental system outside of the ballot box?
3. What issues surrounding the presidency worry or concern you?