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Presidential Power

Readings and resources concerning presidential power.

National Monument Designations

National Monuments (brief video intro by Vermont Law School Prof. Hillary Hoffmann)

Todd F. Gaziano & John Yoo, Presidential Authority to Revoke or Reduce National Monument Designations, SSRN (July 18, 2017), 35 Yale J. on Regulation (forthcoming 2018)

Carol Hardy Vincent & Laura A. Hanson, Cong. Research Serv., R44988, Executive Order for Review of National Monuments: Background and Data (2017)

Carol Hardy Vincent & Laura A. Hanson, Cong. Research Serv., R44886, Monument Proclamations Under Executive Order Review: Comparison of Selected Provisions (2017)

Mark Squillace, The Looming Battle over the Antiquities Act, Harv. L. Rev. Blog (Jan. 6, 2018)

Mark Squillace et al., Presidents Lack the Authority to Abolish or Diminish National Monuments, 103 Va. L. Rev. Online 55 (2017)