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Law Library Student Services

Information for UW Law students about the services we offer.

Law Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by law students and answered by law librarians can be found here

Would you like to submit a question?

You can always send the reference team an email or chat with us--contact information is on this page. We also have an anonymous virtual suggestion box here (feel free to include your email if you want a direct response). We will post responses to all suggestion box comments/questions on this FAQ page, under the topic "suggestion box".

FAQs - Locations

Can you walk me around the library and show me where things are?

Sure. Watch the Virtual Library Tour video we made for Orientation 2021.

Where are the restrooms? Where can I eat in the library? See map. Eating is allowed only in the Student Lounge.

Floor plans showing restrooms, water fountains, and Student Lounge

I have a class in L201. Where is it?

L201 and L202 are on the library's lower level, in the SE corner.

floor plan showing L201

Where are the printers and scanners?

Printers and scanners are in two copy alcoves on Floor L1. There is also a scan inside the Student Lounge. More information here.

floor plan showing copy alcoves on Floor L1

Can I reserve a seat?

Yes. Check here for more information (coming soon! 9/23/21).

Where can I talk?

The Reference Area (just past the Information Desk as you enter) is a place where people can work together and talk. Its seats cannot be reserved.

The Law Student Commons on L2 has group spaces that can be reserved. It is set up for common work (hence the name!).

Most of the rest of the library should be fairly quiet, so you and your classmates can focus on your work.

What are the rules for using the library?

I think I left my hat-notebook-waterbottle-laptop in the library. Do you have a Lost & Found?

We'll put many items on the shelves beneath the staples in the Reference Office (across from the Information Desk.

If we find valuable items, like cell phones or laptops, we'll store them someplace more secure.

My Husky card isn't working to unlock the door.

Contact the Gates Hall Building Coordinator,

Where are the L1 lockers?

They're outside the library, near the main elevators.

floor plan showing L1 lockers

FAQs - Equipment

How do I use the scanners and printers?

See this page.

Do you have a pencil sharpener? Stapler? Paper cutter?

Yes. They're in the Reference Office, across from the Information Desk.

The Student Lounge also has some of these basics.

How do I check out books to myself?

We're setting up a terminal where you can check out a book by scanning your Husky card and the book's barcode. More information soon! (9/23/21)

How can I quickly Zoom with a reference librarian?

We're setting up a screen that will automatically put you in a Zoom room with a reference librarian. More information soon! (9/23/21)

Do you have cell phone chargers?

Yes. Behind the Information Desk, on a shelf on the wall.

Do you have book stands? They're really good for my ergonomics.

Yes. They're behind the Information Desk, on a shelf on the wall.

FAQs - Resources

How do I register for Bloomberg Law, Lexis, Westlaw or CALI?

New students should have received an email during orientation. Check your spam folders for a message headed "UW Law Registration Codes: Bloomberg, Lexis, Westlaw, CALI."

For more, see our Access to Restricted Databases for UW Law Community (only) page (UW NetID log-in required).

What about books?

See Books and More, discussing loan periods, borrowing from other libraries, and your library account.

How can I connect to UW-licensed databases from home?

How do I access the Law School Exam Archives? 

Go to the Past Exams page and follow the instructions


FAQs - Conduct

Where are the rules for conduct in the library?

What if I see someone not wearing a mask?

Tell a library staff member.