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Law Library Student Services

Information for UW Law students about the services we offer.

Food, Drink & Restrooms

No matter what you're reading or working on, you still have biological needs.

Restrooms are inside the library on L1 and L2. There are also restrooms just outside the library entrance on L1.

Water fountains are near each restroom, plus near the elevators on L1 and L2.

You may have drinks in covered containers anywhere. Please pull down you mask only while you are taking a sip.

There are four places in the library that law students are allowed to eat. The L1 natural light tables, L2 RSO Commons, and the Law Student Study Rooms are places where law students can eat snacks. Please try to avoid fragrant and noisy snacks. The Law Student Lounge (L113) is available for full meals to be enjoyed. It has a spigot with extra-hot water for tea and soups (be careful--it is HOT).  Please maintain social distance while your mask is down.

Floor plan showing restrooms, lounge