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Law Library Student Services

Information for UW Law students about the services we offer.

Checking Out Books

Search for your book using the catalog. Log in to request it directly from the catalog. 

Law Library Materials

Loan Periods for UW Law Students
Law Library Location Loan Period for UW Law Students
Classified Stacks, L1 & L2 12 weeks, subject to recall
Compact Stacks, L2 12 weeks, subject to recall
Course Reserves, L1 by the natural light tables GATES HALL USE ONLY--4 hours
Equipment, Info Desk L1 GATES HALL USE ONLY--end of the day
Good Reads, L1 12 weeks, subject to recall
Microfiche & Microfilm, Reference Area L1 12 weeks, subject to recall
Reference Area, L1 2 weeks, subject to recall

Other UW Libraries

Request materials from other UW Libraries through the catalog or visit the library in person to check materials out. Map of all UW Libraries. Most UW Libraries materials check out for 12 weeks, subject to recall.

Summit Libraries Materials

You can find materials at other Pacific Northwest academic institutions (called "Summit") through the catalog. Log in to request delivery of these materials to the hold shelf near the Info Desk. Most Summit materials check out for 6 weeks, subject to recall. Summit items are allowed one renewal. 

Hold Shelf

When you request items using the library catalog "Request UW Item", "Request Summit Item", or fill out the ILL form, your items will be placed on the hold shelf which is located in the small bookcase that leads to the natural light tables on L1. 

How long do books take to arrive after being requested? Approximate times:

  • Law Library items: by the next open morning
  • UW Libraries items: 1-4 days
  • Summit items: 3-5 days
  • Interlibrary Loan: 2-3 weeks

Hold shelf items expire: Most items generally stay on the hold shelf for two weeks, after which your hold will expire and the item will be released back out into the wild for other borrowers to request.

Email notification: You will receive an email when the item arrives at the desk.

Check out your items: Please bring your hold items to the Information Desk where you can use our self-checkout machines to check out the items to yourself. Staff at the desk can also check out the items for you. 

Non-Law School Users: All hold requests from non-law school members will be redirected to the Suzzallo/Allen Library hold shelf while the Gallagher Law Library is closed to visitors. 

Your Library Account

For information about how to see what you have requested/checked out and how to pay library fines, log in to this page. Fines and fees information, including appeals, is on the UW Libraries Library Account Services Fines page. 

Returning Books

Please return library items to any book drop located on a UW Seattle, Bothell, or Tacoma campus. All UW Libraries book returns can be found here

Gallagher Law Library has four book drops: 

  • Two at the Info Desk (one inside the library & one outside the library entrance)
  • At the entrance of the law school facing Memorial Way
  • At the back entrance of the law school on 15th Ave

Library Equipment

The library has an assortment of equipment items that can be checked out at the Information Desk. All equipment items are in-building use-only items and are due back before you leave William H. Gates Hall.

After Hours: When the Information Desk is not staffed equipment items are still available for check-out by the Law Community. All are encouraged to grab the equipment from behind the Information Desk and to check out the items by using the self-checkout machines located at the Information Desk near the library entrance. All items are still due back before you leave the building. Items can be returned using the self-checkout machines. 

Equipment List:

  • Laptop & phone chargers
  • USB wall chargers
  • Bookstands
  • Headphones
  • Miniature Lights
  • Cameras
  • Laptop Desk
  • Blankets
  • Book carts
  • Fans
  • White Noise Machine 
  • Umbrella (due back the following day)
  • Yoga mats
  • Frisbie

If you would like to make a request for the library to purchase more/other equipment items, please email us at

Technology Support

UW IT Connect provides information about technology at the UW — instructions, how-to documentation, quick-start guides — for teaching, learning, studying, research, planning and administration, and more. 

Computer Vet: The Computer Vet is a free service offered to UW students, faculty and staff to assist with software problems on personal computers. Staffed by knowledgeable students, the Computer Vet can provide best-effort assistance with a wide array of technology issues and tasks, including operating system updates, anti-virus installation, P2P software removal, DawgPrint driver installations, and much more.

Location: 2nd floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library   

Acquiring software and hardware 

Technology Spaces on Campus

Get Help/Contact UW-IT

Student Technology Loan Program

The Student Technology Loan Program (STLP) supports UW Seattle campus students by maintaining access to technology items. Appointments to visit any STLP location must be scheduled for all in-person and pick-up/return activities. Equipment Reservations are not required but are recommended to ensure equipment availability.

Equipment List 

  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Projectors 
  • Video Cameras
  • Tablets
  • Audio
  • Peripherals
  • Virtual reality 

Equipment Policies 

Loan Periods: 14 days, 30 days, or quarter-long periods 

STLP Locations: 

  • Health Sciences Building
  • Husky Union Building (HUB)
  • Kane Hall 

Contact STLP

Accessing Databases

Databases for which students create individual usernames and passwords--including some of the most commonly used legal databases, Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law--should continue to work as normal anywhere you have internet access; just log in with your username and password as usual.

Many other databases provided by the Gallagher Law Library or UW Libraries rely on IP authentication--which requires your computer or device to be on the UW network to gain access. This includes important databases like HeinOnline. Luckily there are workarounds to access these databases from home when you can't be physically on campus to connect to the network.

For most databases, the easiest way to access them remotely is to click on their link from the Selected Databases box on the Gallagher homepage or our Law Databases A-Z list or by searching and following links from the catalog. For databases from the main campus UW Libraries, access them via clicking links off of the UW Libraries homepage or searching the catalog. When you access databases and e-books from the library websites rather than searching for the database on Google or typing its URL into your browser, the library website will request you to log in with your NetID if you are not already logged in and will then automatically forward your request through a proxy server to make it appear to the database as if you are on the campus network. 

For a couple of databases, you will need to set up UW's Husky OnNet VPN service, which is free for students, faculty, and staff.  To use Husky OnNet to access library resources, follow the guide to download and set it up on the UW IT site. Before connecting to the VPN, make sure the server is set t to "All Internet Traffic" and not "UW Campus Network Traffic Only."  This will allow access to the WSBA Deskbooks on Fastcase and Law360 (note: law students also have access to Law360 through their Lexis accounts). To access the WSBA Deskbooks, follow the link from the library's home page, then click the caret next to "All Titles" near the search bar to see the books included in our subscription. Connecting via Husky OnNet will also allow students to create Checkpoint or Tax Notes accounts; that normally requires physically being on campus.