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Law Library Student Services

Information for UW Law students about the services we offer.

First Two Weeks Textbook Scans--Temporary

While publisher supply chains continue to be slow, the Law Library is scanning the first two weeks of required UW Law course readings and posting them to individual Law Course Canvas sites. We are only able to scan the assignments that faculty have passed on to us. We do our very best to have scanned readings posted by 5:00 pm on the last business day before the quarter starts (typically Friday).

Note that for copyright purposes, we restrict access to these scans to currently enrolled students in each course. Library course reserves and textbook scans are NOT intended to supplant your purchasing of your own copy of reserves. 

Course Reserves Overview

The library collects copies of most books required by School of Law Courses, along with copies and other items that School of Law faculty make available for students in their classes. These items are housed on the lower shelves along the side of the balcony on L1 near the Info Desk. Books are arranged in call number order. Find your book and use the self-checkout stations at the Info Desk to borrow it for up to four hours.

Can't find your textbook? Use the library catalog to find your course textbook by typing the title or author's name. Once you've located the item, you can view the book's current availability for checkout or when it is expected to be due back. If you still cannot locate your required textbook, please see the staff at the Information Desk or contact us at 

Course Reserve Policies

  • In-building use only textbook
  • Textbooks must be checked out at the Info Desk
  • Loan Period: 4 hours (including nights and weekends)
  • Course Reserves cannot be renewed or put on hold
  • Individuals must wait 30 minutes before checking out the same textbook.  This gives other waiting students the opportunity to use the text.
    • Remember to reshelve the textbook (by call number) when you return it

Course Reserve textbooks are located next to the natural light tables on L1

Checking Out a Print Reserve Item

Use the self-checkout kiosks at the Information Desk to check out your reserve item. When you are finished with your checkout, please check your item back in to make sure you do not get fined. Reshelve the Course Reserve book that you just checked back in on the same shelves where you found it.

Self-checkout machines located at the Info Desk


Course Reserve items will have a fine of $2.50 per hour overdue up to 11 hours overdue, at which time you will be charged both the $25 maximum fine and an additional $30 Lost Item fee. Neither of these charges are refundable so turn in your Course Reserve items on time! In addition, any Course Reserve item that is "lost" (more than 11 hours overdue) will also bill automatically at $150. This lost item amount is removed after you return the book to the library.

Paying Your Fines

You can only pay your fines online. Failure to pay your fines will eventually result in your library account getting blocked.