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Law Exam Archive

Law Exams Archive--BEFORE YOU CLICK THIS LINK--remember that you need to use your UW EMAIL ADDRESS to access these files. Please do not "request access" before trying the below "Having Trouble Accessing the Archive?" information.

Note: This page is restricted to the UW Law Community

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Having Trouble Accessing the Archive?

If you are having trouble signing into the Law Exams Archive, please make sure that: 1) you are signing in with your UW NetID Google account (not your personal Gmail account); 2) you have UW Google Suite activated on your NetID account.

You can activate it at

Once on the UW NetID Resocues page (pictured), you will want to click on the "UW G Suite" section and find the "Account Status" row and select the "Activate" or "Turn On" feature. 

Picture of "Manage UW NetID Resources" with the UW G Suite section highlighted and the "Account Statues" and "Active (Turn off")" row highlighted.











If activating your UW G Suite still does not allow you into the archived exams, go back to your Manage UW NetID page and click the "UW Email Forwarding" section and change your UW email forwarding to "Forward to UW G Suite" (pictured below). Then click "ok," you should now be able to access the archived exams. Once you've confirmed that you can access the past exams page, you can change your forwarding preferences back to what you prefer. Then, exit out of all browsers and start the process over again. 

Image of how to change UW email forwarding to "UW G Suite".


Accessing the Law Exam Archive. This tutorial covers how to access and use the UW Law School Archives. It also covers common troubleshooting solutions.(4:06)