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Library Services for Faculty and Staff

Information for UW Law Faculty and Staff about the services we offer.

GallagherFYI Lists: The Concept

Public Services librarians often send notes to professors and others in the law school alerting them to new material in their areas of interest. This could include government reports, news stories, academic articles, or new books. In summer 2016, we began creating listservs to make it easier to send messages to people with similar interests. Instead of having to think each time about which professors and staff are interested in, say, health law, we can now send a message to GallagherFYI-HealthLaw.

The GallagherFYI lists are not comprehensive. Not even our team of crack librarians can keep up with all the news and scholarship in one area, let alone all of these areas. You will still want to use a variety of other tools for keeping up. Ask us, if you'd like help setting up alerts or finding relevant newsletters.

We are selective in what we send. If an event is on the front page of every newspaper, we assume that subscribers will learn about it without our help. We will send out material that adds depth or breadth. For example, health law scholars (along with everyone else) saw the headlines about the first Zika infections in Florida. We didn't need to share the front-page stories, but we sent to the GallagherFYI-HealthLaw list a link to the Lancet's Zika Virus Resource Centre and CQ Report on Mosquito-Borne Disease (CQ Researcher is a UW-restricted database).

We all receive a lot of email, so the GallagherFYI lists try to make it easier to deal with.

1. Every message has the list name in the subject line, like this:

screen snip: GallagherFYI message header

So you know that it's not a message that requires action. You can put it in a folder or save it for later or delete it if you're too busy to read it.

2. Each list has an archive, so you can go back later to look up something you blasted past the first time.

3. The lists are set up to avoid duplication. So if we send one message to two lists (say, Criminal Justice and Social Justice), then you'll only see it once.

4. If you want, you can get your messages in a daily digest, instead of potentially getting several messages in a day.

GallagherFYI Lists: The Lists

List Name Scope
GallagherFYI lists
GallagherFYI-Business Business law and policy
GallagherFYI-Children Children's legal issues: foster care, adoption, custody, education
GallagherFYI-Const-Hist U.S. constitutional law, legal history. (Will mostly be new books; don't look for messages every time a court rules on a constitutional question!)
GallagherFYI-Courts Court administration, judges, juries
GallagherFYI-CrimJustice Criminal justice
GallagherFYI-DrugPolicy Marijuana legalization, opioid policy, etc.
GallagherFYI-EnvirLaw Environmental law, water law, wildlife law, natural resources. Generally limited to US.
GallagherFYI-HealthLaw Health law, law and public health, law and genetics, global health, health and human rights
GallagherFYI-IntDev International development, human rights
GallagherFYI-IP_Tech Intellectual property; technology and the law
GallagherFYI-LegalProfession Legal profession, legal ethics
GallagherFYI-MentalHealth Mental health law and policy
GallagherFYI-NativeAm Indian and tribal law
GallagherFYI-SocialJustice Race, poverty, income inequality, immigration, sex, LGBT issues
GallagherFYI-Tax Tax law and policy
GallagherFYI-Theory Legal theory and comparative law (generally just announcements of new books)
GallagherFYI-Writing Legal writing, writing in general, some legal research


GallagherFYI Lists: Mechanics

For information about using Mailman lists at the UW, see this Subscriber's Guide. That explains how to subscribe, unsubscribe, view archives, etc.

If you don't want to bother with those steps, just email the library ( and a Public Services librarian can sign you up.