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Library Services for Faculty and Staff

Information for UW Law Faculty and Staff about the services we offer.

Nearly Everything Is on Reserve

Other than statutory supplements, the library puts at least one copy of all textbooks required for UW Law courses available at the Info Desk for law students to check out and use.

You may ensure that required texts and any other items needed by all students in your class are available by placing them on Course Reserve at the Gallagher Law Library Info Desk. Items may include personal copies or library copies, video and audio as well as paper materials. Contact Alena Wolotira for more information. 

Put Something on Reserve

If you place a Course Reserve request via email, please address it to the library (
Make the subject line "Course Reserve Request," and include the following information:

  1. course name and number
  2. whether you want the item on Course Reserve for 1 or more academic quarters


The library is thrilled to offer scans of required readings for the first two weeks of the quarter. To submit textbook scanning requests please fill out our Textbook Scanning Form

All requests are subjected to Title 17 of the United States Copyright Code and should only be used for private study, scholarship, or research and should not be shared with anyone outside the UW School of Law. 

Reserve Rules for Students

The checkout period for law students is 4 hours with fines for a late return. We cannot shorten or lengthen this loan period. 

Copyright Permissions

Information on obtaining copyright permissions can be found at:

Electronic Reserves

Electronic materials can be made available to students via the course Canvas page. For assistance with uploading materials to Canvas, please contact the law school course support team (