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Library Services for Faculty and Staff

Information for UW Law Faculty and Staff about the services we offer.

So Many Webinars!

black & white photo of laptop & headphonesSince law schools and universities moved online in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the number of videos and webinars about pedagogy and other topics of interest to law schools has exploded. Sometimes you get a chance to watch a webinar live. When you can't, you might make a note to watch the archived version. But it's hard to keep track of them!

We're using this guide to provide links to selected online videos. If you would like to recommend others, please let us know (


Photo by Michael Winterdal on Unsplash

Tips for Watching

If you're not a big YouTube watcher, you might not have noticed that you can speed up or slow down videos. by clicking on the gear logo.

  • If you want to rush through a part that you don't need, speed it up to 1.5 or 2.0.
  • If you want to catch something the speakers said too fast, slow it down.

You can turn on closed captions by clicking "CC." That can help you locate a passage you need.


Anti-Racism & DEI in Law Teaching

Anti-Racism & DEI at Work


coronavirus modelFor lots of videos about policy issues around COVID-19 (from both UW and outside), see our guide from the spring 2020 course.

Graphic: coronavirus, from CDC's Public Health Image Library.

Pedagogy (Not Just Remote)

Pedagogy for Remote Teaching

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See Remote Teaching Tips page in this guide.

Research & Bluebook

Since the pandemic started, we've been creating instructional videos. See our guide, below. And if you have requests, let us know.

Social Science for Teaching Insight

Surprising Freebies