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Court Reporters

Court opinions are published in sets called reporters. Digests are tools that help researchers locate cases on specific legal topics or issues.

What Are Reporters?

Court opinions are published in reporters. If you're interested in learning about how courts work, the American Bar Association's website has an in-depth explanation.

Reporters contain the full text of published court opinions. Before publication in bound volumes, a court opinion goes through several stages: from a "slip opinion" or "slip decision" to "advance sheets." Judges decide which opinions will be "published."

With the exception of court reporters from the U.S. Supreme Court and Washington State courts, Gallagher Law Library's collection of court reporters is now primarily historical. The Library's subscriptions to the bound volume series (and their advance sheets) have been canceled.

Official reports are published under the authority of the courts and may be printed by a government agency or a commercial publisher. Unofficial reporters are printed by private publishers (such as West) with or without authority from the courts. The National Reporter System, developed by West, covers both federal and state courts. All West reporters - i.e., all of the following, except U.S., L.Ed., Wash., and Wash. App. - are part of the National Reporter System.

For more information about reporters see:

or one of the basic legal research guides in the Library (KF240 at Reference Area).

Reporters Quick Guide

Rptr Abbrev. Last Volume Call Number Location
A., A.2d, A.3d A.3d v. 75 (2013) KF135 .A7 A8 L2 Reporters
Am. Tribal Law Current KF8204.5 .W47 Reference
B.R. v. 402 (2008) KF1515 .A2 W47 Reference
Cal. Rptr., 2d, 3d Cal. Rptr.3d v. 137 (2003) KFC47 .C32 Compact Stacks
Ct. Cl., Ct. Cl., Fed. Cl. Fed. Cl. v. 112 (2013) KF125 .C5 C53 L2 Reporters
Ct. Int’l Trade Current KF6698 .A512 Compact Stacks
F., F. 2d., F. 3d F.3d v. 728 (2013) KF105 .F432 L2 Reporters
F.R.D. v. 291 (2013) KF8839 .F4 Compact Stacks
F. Supp.,
F. Supp. 2d
F. Supp. 2d, v. 939 (2013) KF120 .F42 L2 Reporters
L. Ed.,
L. Ed.2d
L. Ed. 2d v. 186 (2013) KF101 .A312,
KF101 .A313
L2 Reporters
M.J. v. 71 (2013) KF7605 .A2W4 Compact Stacks
N.E., N.E.2d N.E.2d v. 993 (2013) KF135 .N6 N62 L2 Reporters
N.W., N.W.2d N.W.2d v. 837 (2013) KF135 .N7 N6 L2 Reporters
N.Y.S., N.Y.S.2d N.Y.S. 2d v. 959 (2013) KFN5045 .A33 Compact Stacks
P., P.2d, P.3d P.3d v. 312 (2013) KF135 .P2 P32 L2 Reporters
S. Ct. Current KF101 .A322 Reference
S.E., S.E.2d S.E2d v. 750 (2013) KF135 .S6 S6 L2 Reporters
So., So.2d, So.3d So.3d v. 122 (2013) KF135 .S8 S6 L2 Reporters
S.W., S.W.2d, S.W.3d S.W.3d v. 409 (2013) KF135 .S7 S6 L2 Reporters
T.C. Current KF6280 .C6 Reference
U.S. Current KF101 .A212 Reference; L2 Reporters
Wash.,Wash. 2d Current KFW45 .A22 Reference; Compact Stacks
Wash. App. Current KFW48 .A5 W3c Reference; Compact Stacks